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Our Air Conditioners Meet the Savvy Homeowner’s Top 3 Requirements:

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Energy-efficient performance

to save money on electric bills.

Quiet operation

so you won’t be woken up at night or have to constantly adjust the volume on your television or music every time it comes on.

Durable construction

so you can rely on worry-free operation for years to come.

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Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Means Lower Electric Bills

You can judge the efficiency of an air conditioning unit by the SEER standard (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This ratio is the total cooling output during a typical summer divided by the total electric energy input during the same period.

In simple math: how much energy does it take for your home to stay cool?

Our top-of-the-line units claim SEER scores of up to 21. (To put that into perspective, your old unit is likely only an 8 or 9.)

Do you have to buy a 21 SEER unit to get maximum efficiency? No.

When we come to your home for a no-pressure consultation, we’ll inspect your insulation, take measurements of your house, account for the number and size of windows, and even what direction your home faces.

These factors help us determine your estimated heat loss and recommend the perfect air conditioner to meet your needs and budget.

And just like with the maximum kms per litre in your car, the setup and maintenance of your unit determines how much you’ll maximize your unit’s ideal SEER.

That’s why our technicians are certified through North American Technical Excellence (NATE). Their superior knowledge in all aspects of HVAC and Carrier in particular mean you’ll get an installation that maximizes your energy savings and performance.

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Quiet Operation Means No Interruptions or Sleep Disturbances

Have you ever had a loud roommate or neighbor—slamming cabinet doors just to get a drink of water, clumping through the house in what have to be cement shoes, and doing it all on a schedule that is the opposite of yours?

You probably didn’t stay in that situation long.

Now that you have your own home, why put up with the same kind of inconsiderate disturbances from a noisy air conditioner?

Our air conditioners are among the quietest available, especially the Infinity® Series Air Conditioners, which run as quietly as 56 decibels (about midway between the sound of a babbling brook and the light hum of a refrigerator).

Get the air conditioner equivalent of a quiet roommate who walks around in bare feet and never barges in when you’re watching a movie or entertaining friends.

(And your new air conditioner will never drink directly from the milk carton, either.)

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Durable Air Conditioning Units Last Longer with Less Maintenance

Your home is likely your biggest financial investment, and an energy-efficient air conditioner adds to the value. There’s a reason Carrier is noted even among the competition as the top of the line in air conditioning units.

We have more stringent quality control than most manufacturers, and our materials are of the highest quality.

We carry a wide range of options at our store, meaning you’ll get the perfect air conditioner for your home without over- or under-buying.

Can we help you discover the right air conditioner for your home and budget?

Customers consistently compliment our team in person and in online reviews for our courteous, no-pressure, in-home consultations and professional service.

Homestars, Canada’s largest home service review site, gives us a 9.8/10 rating. And almost every single review mentions the no-pressure home visit as a favorite part of our service.

In just a few minutes, you’ll know what it takes to keep your house cool, lower your utility bills, and increase the value of your biggest financial investment—your home.

or Call us at 905-307-2988

What Our Customers Say

reviews from over 10,000 happy customers, one-third of whom are repeat business or referrals.

I called High-Efficiency Cooling and Heating Inc., to install our Furnace, A.C.& connect gas line to our stove. Initially, sale rep, Charton Teng came to our house and provided us with the thorough detail of the work involved and cost. He was very professional and honest with the way of explaining how the Furnace and A/C properties were, and cost to install the equipment. Keith and his helper did an amazing job with the installation. Amazing job and i highly recommend them to my friends and family!

Rick from High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc came to my house last Saturday to talk about the cost of a new furnace and A/C. I wasn’t expecting to decide anything that day. After Rick told me about their Carrier products they were exactly what I wanted and I liked his price. So I decide to go ahead with the installation. The amazing part was they had the new Furnace and A/C installed 3 day later. How is that for speedy installation. nice work.

Excellent customer service! Charton Tang definitely knows his stuff! There was no sales pressure, just straight facts and options/recommendations were provided. The installation team led by Jason was quiet, courteous and efficient! They were totally in sync with each other. The work was great quality, completed in short time and we received a walk through after the installation. We really appreciated the follow up by Charton, just to make sure all went well and that we were satisfied with the installation. I commend Charton, Jason and team for being exceptional in customer service, quality of work, and completing the job early! We’ll absolutely be referring others to them. Thanks for a great job!

Charton was so efficient and professional explaining all my options. The installers came on time as promised, and Charton came by during the installation to make sure all was proceeding well. He answered all my questions and even checked in several weeks later to see if all was well. The price was competitive and the service exceeded all my expectations. I chose High Efficiency based on the positive online reviews and I was not disappointed. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

We found Charton very professional, as he explained the technical facts and options to us in detail together with rebates and warranties available. There was no sales pressure in his approach and the price quoted was reasonable. We also appreciate his follow up visit to ensure that we were satisfied with the installation. Thanks Charton!

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