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3 Simple Tests To Find Out If You Need A New Furnace.

Turn to the expert to help you choose the right type and size of your furnace.

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The Sock Test

for consistent temperature

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The Shock Test

for utility bill savings

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The Rock Test

for the age of your furnace

The Sock Test: Are Your Feet Warm?

Socks are meant to be worn with shoes, so if you have to wear socks on your bare feet inside your house, it is a sign your furnace isn’t as effective as it could be.

You may even have cold spots in your home, indicating that your furnace is too small for your house.

Some homeowners buy an oversized furnace to solve this problem of inconsistent temperatures. While good-intentioned, this mistake means a larger upfront cost in a furnace that will cycle on and off more frequently, wasting energy and putting more wear and tear on parts than necessary.

We have a better method to keep your feet warm and your wallet full: a custom fit.

When one of the High Efficiency Heating & Cooling home comfort consultant visits your home for a complimentary assessment and quote, you’ll discover the exact size and type of furnace you need based on our regional climate and the size, design, and construction of your house.

No over-buying. No under-heating. Just a warm, comfortable home all winter long.

The Shock Test: Do You Have to Sit Down Before You Open Your Utility Bill?

Low-priced furnaces may seem like a bargain when you purchase them, but the monthly utility bills quickly eat up any savings.

Today, natural gas prices are rising, in part due to the decline of coal, and in part due to Ontario’s cap-and-trade plan of 2017 (which estimates a $156 annual increase for the average household).

Natural gas prices are not predicted to drop anytime soon, so that means your utility bill will continue to shock you every month if you don’t invest in an energy efficiency furnace.

Always look for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) score to get the best heat delivery and lowest energy costs for your home. The higher the score, the more efficient the furnace.

And that means lower utility bills for you without having to sacrifice your family’s comfort.

The Rock Test: Is Your Furnace as Old as the Earth?

Furnaces are generally meant to last 15-20 years. In terms of reliability, Carrier is the leader of the pack. However, even an old Carrier furnace should be considered for replacement because of advances in furnace technology.

Consider that a furnace installed in 1985 had a 60% efficiency rating.

When natural gas prices were lower (and there were no better options), this wasn’t an issue for most homeowners.

Today, you can’t buy a furnace in Canada that has less than a 78% rating, nor would you want to with rising natural gas prices!

In addition, the older your furnace, the more you’ll pay in service costs—sometimes spending what it would cost for a brand-new furnace in the span of just a couple of years.

And Murphy’s Law applies here, too: If your furnace is going to go out, it will not happen at 8 a.m. on a cool autumn morning when you just need a jacket to stay warm. Your furnace will go out on December 31 at midnight during a snowstorm.

That’s just the way it happens.

Better to replace your aging furnace before it drains your wallet or breaks down during dangerous conditions.

How Did Your Furnace Perform on These Tests?

If your furnace didn’t fare so well on the Sock, Shock and Rock tests, then it’s time to evaluate your options.

Of course you’ll want to read reviews and check prices.

However, don’t forget to rely on the expertise of your Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer to calculate your home’s needs against the industry standard.

You’ll also learn what it takes to maintain your furnace to the highest standard for years to come.

Homestars, Canada’s largest home service review site, gives us a 9.8/10 rating. And almost every single review mentions the no-pressure home visit as a favorite part of our service.

Can we help you discover the right furnace for your home and budget? Click here to schedule a friendly in-home consultation.

Or Call us at 905-307-2988

In just a few minutes, you’ll know what it takes to keep your house warm, lower your utility bills, and increase the value of your biggest financial investment—your home.

What Our Customers Say

reviews from over 10,000 happy customers, one-third of whom are repeat business or referrals.

I called High-Efficiency Cooling and Heating Inc., to install our Furnace, A.C.& connect gas line to our stove. Initially, sale rep, Charton Teng came to our house and provided us with the thorough detail of the work involved and cost. He was very professional and honest with the way of explaining how the Furnace and A/C properties were, and cost to install the equipment. Keith and his helper did an amazing job with the installation. Amazing job and i highly recommend them to my friends and family!

Rick from High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc came to my house last Saturday to talk about the cost of a new furnace and A/C. I wasn’t expecting to decide anything that day. After Rick told me about their Carrier products they were exactly what I wanted and I liked his price. So I decide to go ahead with the installation. The amazing part was they had the new Furnace and A/C installed 3 day later. How is that for speedy installation. nice work.

Excellent customer service! Charton Tang definitely knows his stuff! There was no sales pressure, just straight facts and options/recommendations were provided. The installation team led by Jason was quiet, courteous and efficient! They were totally in sync with each other. The work was great quality, completed in short time and we received a walk through after the installation. We really appreciated the follow up by Charton, just to make sure all went well and that we were satisfied with the installation. I commend Charton, Jason and team for being exceptional in customer service, quality of work, and completing the job early! We’ll absolutely be referring others to them. Thanks for a great job!

Charton was so efficient and professional explaining all my options. The installers came on time as promised, and Charton came by during the installation to make sure all was proceeding well. He answered all my questions and even checked in several weeks later to see if all was well. The price was competitive and the service exceeded all my expectations. I chose High Efficiency based on the positive online reviews and I was not disappointed. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

We found Charton very professional, as he explained the technical facts and options to us in detail together with rebates and warranties available. There was no sales pressure in his approach and the price quoted was reasonable. We also appreciate his follow up visit to ensure that we were satisfied with the installation. Thanks Charton!

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